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Transitions counselling services provides a confidential, transparent, change-oriented and client centered atmosphere where healing, learning, personal growth and movement forward can occur. My practice emphasizes and values the therapuetic relationship viewing this as at the heart of the counselling process. With the establishment of a solid therapuetic relationship a positive client-therapist alliance can be established.  With the creation of a working alliance  collaborative conversations occur with more ease, comfort and less mystery . These conversations are essential to help develop mutual and clear understandings about your concern(s) as well as to clarify your needs and goals. My role is to faciliate these conversations  in ways that are useful in creating steps that will assist you in movement toward your goals.  A significant aspect of our work together will be in exploring your own existing skill set, strengths and knowledge about yourself.  You may already be doing things toward your current goal achievement that you are not aware of; or perhaps  you possess insights, skills and strategies that have worked before that may in fact be useful again in this situation.







The idea of change is relevant to what occurs in the counselling process.  Change can be unexpected or expected; however, either way it is a period of transition that may be full of intense feelings and thoughts. These experiences are often initially difficult to understand, accept, cope with and manage. This often affects how we act and react. Change affects and generates other change. When change happens we seek ways to restore balance, to understand more fully what is happening, to feel better, to adapt, to adjust and to cope with these change-oriented experiences and life events. Change can also be a place of healing and growth. It takes courage and strength to recognize the need for help and even more to take the steps necessary to access it.  How YOU experience problematic life events is significant to the direction created to help you get 'from where you are to where you prefer to be'.


I work from a holistic framework and integrative therapeutic style incorporating various counselling theories and strategies. I strive to understand how services may ultimately assist you in achieving your goals through change-oriented conversations and steps that are tailored to your unique needs and story. It is my  hope that your  experience brings a sense of peace amd opportunity to begin  your healing journey.











 "Change is a naturally occuring byproduct of the human experience" ~ Duncan and Miller

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""You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf"" ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

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